Are Cage Traps a Good Option for Rodents?

If you’re looking for a humane way to trap a rodent that has made itself comfortable in your home, using cage traps as a strategy for further release in another location may seem like the best option. Or is it? This post will provide you with information all about the pros and cons of cage traps, so you can make evaluate the consequences for yourself and do the best you can to ensure the safety of your home, and the animal itself.

If you’re looking for a cage trap solution, it’s probably because you’re thinking to release the rat r mouse back into the wild. On the other hand, as much as we may want the animals to continue to live a happy life, releasing them back into the wilderness may actually put them more in danger than we think.

Mice and rats are very nervous animals, so trapping them in a small, enclosed space may make their anxiety and stress levels raise through the roof. Because of this, they risk dying quickly out of exhaustion and dehydration. Make sure to keep an eye on them constantly until it is time for the release.

For cage traps to be successful, many of them have to be installed around your house as only one will not be enough. The choice of where to relocate the rats or mice after their capture is not such an easy process, as one cannot simply release them anywhere.

It is important to first evaluate the environments that rats and mice are most likely to survive in. The best areas for the survival of these animals are ones that have abundant good resources. Getting thrown into an entirely unfamiliar environment can make rats and mice very vulnerable in terms of facing other predators like snakes and owls. Due to this, is may be a good idea to release them during the night, since nighttime is where their eyesight works at its best. This will enable them to find shelter and look out for danger a lot better.

It is obvious that we don’t want rats anywhere near our house; that is why you have chosen to trap and relocate them in the first place. However, for rats and mice to have the best chance at surviving, it is advised that they are resituated far from the home, but not as far that the environment and territory is completely unknown. This way, rodents can avoid dying of starvation, and has the opportunity to adapt to its new home. In short, using cage traps to relocate rodents could be considered as the most humane option as it does not initially cause any harm or pain to the animal, but the stress and anxiety they can cause can be deadly to them. On the other hand, if done correctly and taking the appropriate measures, cage traps can sometimes be the best option for the wellbeing of you and the rodent.

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